Kids teach us something too


I sat in a bus on my way to work. Looking at my wristwatch every now and then, praying I would not get to work late. Then, something caught my eye.

I saw a mother holding her kids and trying hard to catch a tricycle. The whole place was busy. She struggled between keeping her hand bag and making sure her kids were closely by her side. I just thought to myself, “the power and beauty of motherhood.” The tricycle driver was impatient which was typical in this part of town. Her son had huddled his way in but the daughter struggled. Just as the little girl was about to mount the tricycle, there was a loud call. The voice of somewhat a scream. It caught and held my attention.

“Elizabeth! Elizabeth!” called the voice. I saw a little girl sitting at the back of her parents’ car. She was calling out to her friend who was about to mount the tricycle. Elizabeth turned almost immediately. There was a broad smile that crossed Elizabeth’s face as she saw her friend, Jessica. Jessica did not wait for her friend to get close to her parents car before she flung the door open. The two little girls were so excited to see each other. The exchange of joy and love was almost unreal. There was no status, age, culture, background difference of concern. You could tell, this was real love and joy shared. Elizabeth’s brother followed in her wake, excited they were not going to school in a tricycle but in Jessica’s parents Nissan Highlander. The joy that was written on the faces of these kids made me to forget I was grasping for whatever time I had left to get to work.

Then I saw the parents exchange greetings. It was quick. No joy. No happiness. No love. No smiles. Just brief.

I imagined to myself on how much we have lost as adults. The excitement of seeing one another. The simple things like a smile, a cheer, joy and happiness just to see another human being. It seems we lost it all growing up. Even when people smile to you these days, you want to check if its a sincere one or its just a smirk. I know we have different difficulties and challenges we face everyday but if we take a cue from our kids, we may just learn to enjoy living inspite of them.

A sincere smile, caring without conditions, loving without boundaries.

Just being happy to see someone you know and making sure they know you care.

Kids teach us something too.


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