Making Your School Stand Out: What You Need to Do

IMG_20150707_123849Educational business is not a business for all Tom, Dick, and Harry; it’s for the committed and the selfless who are passionate about the educational development of their communities.

Setting up a quality school demands putting a solid structure in place. This includes; getting a well-built structure in a conducive environment, hiring quality teaching and non-teaching teaching staff and, more importantly, partnering with a qualified and experienced publisher that produces good titles and teaching aids to make teaching easy and effective for teachers and learning comprehensive and interesting for the students.

A household name in the Nigerian publishing industry easily and highly recommended for committed and selfless proprietors is Literamed Publications Nigeria Ltd, publishers of Lantern books and Comic collections.

Lantern books are targeted at children to give the right foundation for education at all levels. We are committed to providing an all-round education by making books available for both learning and leisure.

Schools that use Lantern books are undoubtedly high flying schools because through Lantern books, their students derive; improved creativity, improved analytical thinking, increased vocabulary, improved memory, improved writing skills, highly developed cognitive and affective capacities, and so on.

So, if you want to make your school stand out among the rest, Lantern titles remain the best choice!

Lantern books are available at bookshops nationwide and online at

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