Computers Will Change the Dictionary Meaning of ‘Illiterate’: What Will Be The New Meaning?

Computer Science (WhizKid)

Image Credit: Lantern Books

Computers are taking over everything in this present century. Nearly everything we do revolves around computers—PC desktop, laptop, or tablet. Computers are radically changing everything; education, business transactions, human interactions, and so on. In fact, computer technology will soon alter the dictionary meaning of the word ‘illiterate’.

‘To be unable to read or write’ is the basic dictionary meaning of ‘illiterate’ but it will soon change. The new meaning will be: ‘to be unable to read, write, and use computer efficiently’. That is, anyone who doesn’t have basic computer knowledge would soon be regarded as a complete illiterate—as we are vastly moving away from the paper age.

Whether or not one intends to study Computer Science at the higher education level, the basic knowledge of computer is highly important as institutions—corporate, educational, etc. are now computerising their operations. Very soon (and it has even started) computer literacy will become a compulsory requirement for admissions into educational institutions and for job recruitments.

Computer technology is defining the future, and we certainly cannot afford to stand aloof. This, no doubt, explains the reason why Computer studies curriculum is now introduced at the primary/ secondary schools—that the children may be introduced to computer at the beginner stage to guarantee computer literacy efficiency.

With an altruistic aim to facilitate the Computer studies teaching/ learning process at the beginner level, Literamed Publications Ltd commissioned some of the best brains in the Computer science field to produce Lantern Comprehensive Computer Science Series for primary and junior secondary schools.

Professor S. O. Ale, the lead author of the series, is currently the Director-General of the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja. He and other Authors have been at the forefront in the development of computer education in the national curriculum. They have written the Lantern Comprehensive Computer Science Series to teach the basics of the computer and included more activities and better practice. They adopted a simple and down-to-earth approach in teaching basic computer concepts without boring the children.

The books are designed with colourful and realistic pictures to make the teaching-learning process interactively fun. Also included in the topics in the textbooks are activities for better practice that will actively engage the pupils and enable them to study on their own.

Lantern Comprehensive Computer Science Series is up-to-date and strictly meets the requirements of the UBE National Curriculum.

The books are available at bookshops nationwide and online at and


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