Five Must Read Books for Primary School Pupils

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Primary education is the basic and foremost foundation for every child. How smooth a child’s educational journey will be depends largely on the solidity of his/her primary education. If the primary education is good, the child has a bright chance of scaling through his/her educational career without any hitch.
To give our kids/pupils the deserved primary education, the kind that can guarantee them a smooth journey in their subsequent educational levels, there are some important primary school books they should have encounters with before they are through with primary education.

Compiled in this essay is a list of 5 must read books for primary school pupils. This is not a mere hype as the books featured in this list have been carefully examined, verified, and confirmed by teachers and relevant stakeholders in the education sector as best curriculum-compliant and government approved books available for primary education.

1. Lantern Comprehensive English Series for Primary Schools (1-6) 

Lantern Comprehensive English Series is the most current primary school English Text for primary schools. It was first published in 2003 and revised in 2004 adopting the thematic approach and strictly in line with the UBE Curriculum. The books are pupil-centred as they allow pupils to participate actively in the teaching-learning process.

Lantern Comprehensive English Series incorporates the three domains of learning i.e. affective, cognitive and psychomotor rather than laying emphasis mainly on the cognitive domain alone. The books fully treat all parts of English i.e. lexis/structure, comprehension, writing and oral English. The Book 5 of the series also treats extensively the use of dictionary, ensuring better understanding of words.

As a foremost indigenous English textbook, the series has many passages that inject a sense of nationalism and patriotism in the pupils. Likewise, it equips the pupils with knowledge of everyday life situations e.g. daily activities pupils can identify with, such as personal hygiene.

Lantern Comprehensive Primary English Series is accompanied with Teachers’ Guide and Activity Books. The Teachers’ Guide aids teachers’ effectiveness while the Activity Books enable pupils to study on their own at home.

Professor C. A. Okedara, a Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Ibadan who has taken part in many curriculum development conferences and workshops is the lead author of Lantern Comprehensive Primary English Series.

2. Lantern Comprehensive Mathematics Series for Primary Schools (1-6)

This series contains the most up-to-date books on mathematics, first published in 1999 and revised in 2006 in line with the latest UBE national curriculum. The books are developed in conjunction with experts in mathematics at the National Mathematical Centre in response to the search for solutions to problems associated with the study of mathematics at the foundational level. As experts in education, the authors adopt a friendly, simple down-to-earth approach to make the study of mathematics attractive and easy.

In this series, fundamental topics in mathematics are thoroughly treated with more explanations and examples e.g. Rounding Off takes 10 pages in Book 6 against two pages in some other mathematics books. The books have more pages and more exercises to keep the pupils busy. The series also comes with Teachers’ Guide to guide and direct the focus of teachers and make teaching easy and effective for them.

Professor B.O. Ukeje, a one-time Director at the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja alongside other authors, co-developed this most sought-after mathematics books in conjunction with National Mathematics Centre.

3. Lantern Comprehensive Basic Science and Technology Series for Primary Schools (1-6)

Lantern Comprehensive Basic Science and Technology Series is a foremost textbook on basic science and technology that teaches science using very practical and simple examples for easy understanding of the pupils. The books are very simplified that non-science specialists can conveniently teach Basic Science and Technology subject effectively with them.

As an indigenous textbook on science and technology, the books are designed with good illustrations using common materials within our environment. The series is up-to-date and in line with the UBE National Curriculum.

Professor O.J. Ehindero, a science education consultant to UNICEF, erstwhile Dean of Faculty of Education, OAU, Ile-Ife, and Member, Board of Nigerian Teachers Institute led the distinguished team of authors of Lantern Comprehensive Basic Science and Technology Series.

4. Lantern Comprehensive Creative and Cultural Arts Series for Primary Schools (1-6)Lantern Comprehensive Creative and Cultural Arts is curriculum based and has specific objectives that guide the scope of learning. To make learning fun for the pupils, a cartoon character introduces each theme accompanied with beautiful illustrations that attract the pupils as well as aid the understanding of the topics. This series also contains teaching hints that make teaching and learning stress-free

Mrs Otunaiya Ayodele Oluseyi, a Principal Lecturer at the department of Fine Art, Federal College of Education, Abeokuta, one time Head of the department of Art, Federal College of Education, Osiele and member of the Society of Nigerian Artist (SNA) is the author of this series.

5. Lantern Comprehensive French Series for Primary Schools (1-6)

Lantern Comprehensive French Series adopts a play-way method of teaching so as to ensure children learn better. The vocabulary used is in the context of the child and his/her immediate environment. Also, the series has workbooks that give learners the opportunity to practise the language through further exercises. The Teachers’ Guide that accompanies the series caters for the teachers’ interest and needs.

Professor O. J. Abioye (a Professor of French Language at the University of Lagos) and his co-authors, have adopted a play-way method in writing the series to facilitate easy understanding and make learning of French fun for the pupils.

All these books are available at reputable books nationwide and online at (School books section). The books can also be ordered online (with free delivery) at




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