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We all know the relevance of training and development. Research has shown a strong correlation between training of staff and the profit margin of an organization. For schools, it has been proved over and over again that the learners of today learn better and faster using Technology. The truth is that these learners are already online! I can imagine them asking you, do you have anything for me?

My concern now is this, why we are so glued to the old method of teaching and training, wasting so much time and risking valuables lives. Must we cross borders, oceans and seas before we get training done or attend training sessions in this age of technology?

I see so many teachers preparing the same lesson year after year for their students with little time to do the real teaching and sufficiently differentiate the instruction.

Harold Wilson said “He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.” WE MUST BE READY TO EMBRACE CHANGE.

Education without E-Learning in the present century is Education malpractice.You do not have to break your bank to use online learning or online teaching. There are so many free technologies today you can use.

I was more than fascinated when I watch and implemented the new Microsoft Office Mix released last year. It works with PowerPoint 2013 and it is free.Teachers and Trainers can use it. With it you can have all your lessons or training contents online, your students or trainees can see you and even hear your voice. You can even demonstrate while teaching. Your lessons can be converted to video and if you like you can generate increasing income by using appropriate payment option. Better days are here!

Some of these technologies are available in some schools and training companies but there is no confidence in using them. Julian Lee was right in his remark on LinkedIn when he said, “Fancy technology tools on their own will not improve learning; they must be wielded by a confident educator.”

The benefit of online teaching and Training are enormous. You can:


  • Reach out to more people
  • Get over 800% increases in profit more than you are making now, irrespective of your present income as a trainer.
  • Have your training permanently online.
  • Interact with your trainees (Visual and Audio) while conducting training.
  • Use the available payment options to accept payment from trainees.
  • Enjoy increasing income on the training done already and be receiving bank alert even while you are in the bathroom!
  • Avoid repeating the same training over and over again


  • Have all your learning contents online for students to access anytime, anywhere and virtually on any device.
  • Improve the performance of the learners by over 20%
  • Get students do their assignment and submit using cutting edge technology
  • Save time in preparing lesson notes year after year except for updating
  • Have and record all staff training and keep them online permanently

Karl-Heinz said” I absolutely think we need to give people access to material where and when they need it. It’s imperative to have a mobile learning strategy and that’s even more important with emerging generations… ” Are we ready to reason with Karl Heinz? IT IS TIME TO CONSIDER ONLINE TEACHING AND TRAINING

Adegbite Victor

CEO/MD, Edict E-Learning Institute



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