Lantern Variety Packs: A Perfect Educational Gift of the Season for Kids

Xmas Card Variety Packs.jpg

From Lantern House, the headquarters of Literamed Publications Ltd (Publishers of Lantern books), we say compliments of the season to you all.

Happy Xmas and New Year in advance.

The air is already filled with the fragrance of Xmas/ New Year festivities. Xmas/New Year shopping has started. Parents are dashing to the market to buy clothes, shoes, and other gifts for the kids.  Workers are cheerily making orders online trying to get praiseworthy gifts for their colleagues.

It’s the season of ‘gives’ and ‘takes’. Gifts exchanging hands everywhere; here and there. Clothes, shoes, wines, cards, toys, and so on. But, what about educational gifts (books), particularly for the kids? Or, aren’t books presentable?

One of the many problems bedeviling children’s education today is the fact that they (children) see reading as a boring, difficult, and hazardous exercise that shouldn’t be done elsewhere but school. This hampers their reading skill a lot. To address this, we have to change their perception about reading. We have to let them realize that reading is not a tug of war, reading is really fun. To do this, we can start by buying them (the kids) books as gifts. The psychological effect of this on the kids is that it will make them have the feeling (and eventually know) that just as they enjoy toy game gifts; they can also enjoy book gifts. If this is done, it will go a long way in improving their education.

Moreover, presenting books as gifts to kids during this season will keep them busy (by reading) and their brains refreshed since schools will be on break.

As a leading publisher committed to improving children’s education and making learning interesting and fun for them, Lantern Books comes up with an exclusive initiative which makes books presentable, like any other season gifts, to kids and young adults. It is called Variety Packs Series. The variety packs are promotional packs made up of different, but carefully chosen, combinations of story books and comics. The books are well packed in beautiful wraps with season’s greetings label making them not only attractive but highly presentable as season gifts. Parents can present them to their kids, aunties and uncles can present them to their cousins and nieces, churches can present them to their members, and so on.

The variety packs can be ordered online at (free delivery for orders above 2,500 naira) and They are also available in all bookshops nationwide. If there is any enquiry to make, you can send a mail to or call 08136390512.




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