From Lantern Books: Happy Easter in Advance

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From Lantern House, the headquarters of Literamed Publications Ltd (Publishers of Lantern books), we say compliments of the season to you all.

Happy Easter in advance. 

Easter is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians all over the world. Once a year Christians celebrate the story of Jesus Christ and his resurrection after execution. Traditionally, Easter celebration also features (Easter) egg decorating and the Easter egg hunt.

As parents/ guardians, her are three basic ways you can celebrate Easter.

  • Attend Easter services
  • Spend time together with friends and families, enjoy one another’s company, have a great meal, and share gifts.
  • Give your kids a reason for the season: as you celebrate Easter with your kids, you shouldn’t forget to enlighten them, beyond the merriment, about the essence of Easter celebration. Let your kids read about Easter celebration. Wondering about the relevant books in this category/ to buy for your kids? Lantern Living Scroll series caters for this.

The Living Scroll series contains bible stories that are retold in comic book format, focusing on the lives of popular bible characters including the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. These stories are rich with spiritual and moral values. The most relevant stories in this series are; The Crucifixion, Mount of Transfiguration, The Passion of Christ, and The Temptation of Jesus.

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Let your kids enjoy these timeless stories that have inspired many people in their relationship with one another and with God and be informed about the essence of Easter celebration.

Happy Easter in advance.


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