Book of the Week: King Jaja of Opobo

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This is an inspirational story of the famous King Jaja of Opobo. It chronicles the trials and triumph of Jaja Opobo. Although Jaja Opobo was enslaved at an early age, he rose to become a brilliant business man and eventually a king. Continue reading


Kekere: Book of the Week


#Kekere is our #BookoftheWeek!
Kekere is a #classic #fairytale about a little girl who goes through some experiences in the muddy swamp of mother toad and colony of beetles. Her narrow escape from a blind mole is a hard lesson to her. In the end, she finds something good in all this, which makes her a princess.
Check out the hard copy here and the e-Book version here:
#Kekere #BookoftheWeek

Singing Shoes: A Birthday Celebration Narrative by Bunmi Adesanya

Singing Shoes narrates the admirable experience of Ifemayowa, a six-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Okeowo, during her birthday celebration, which coincides with Christmas festive period.

…Thereafter, her father promised to buy her something great. She asked him what she should expect but he told her it would be a surprise. (Page 9, Singing Shoes) Continue reading