Book of the Week: King Jaja of Opobo

Book of the Week FEB 4_Mobile Website Banner.jpg

This is an inspirational story of the famous King Jaja of Opobo. It chronicles the trials and triumph of Jaja Opobo. Although Jaja Opobo was enslaved at an early age, he rose to become a brilliant business man and eventually a king. Continue reading


Introducing Lantern eBooks!


In a bid to bring books closer to the people for education and self-improvement particularly in this digital age, Lantern Books has now ventured into digital publishing.

Some of our titles now have digital versions (e-books) that are downloadable/ readable (upon purchase) on computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Lantern eBooks make reading interactively interesting and reflect a real paradigm shift from flipping pages in printed books to smarter and reader-friendly content designs on any mobile device. Continue reading